Lash & Brow Tint

With a hint of tint you can flaunt natural, full-looking lashes and brows without any type of invasive treatment. One can transform their lashes and brows from fair and sparse to full and fabulous….in minutes.

The tint is available in a variety of colors, but clients typically prefer browns and blacks, to mimic the look of mascara, and to increase the appearance of eyelash length. Clients must remove contact lenses prior to the tint, just to be safe. The performing Esthetician will apply a protective cream such as vaseline under the eyes to avoid staining the skin with the tint. Then, a thin, curved cotton pad is placed atop this cream, and the client in instructed to close her eyes to rest her lashes on the pad. A small fan brush is then used to paint the tint onto the eyelashes, and after roughly ten minutes the tint is removed with cold water and cotton pads. The client leaves with darker, longer looking lashes (also lasting 6-8 weeks).

The brow tint is done much the same; the Esthetician will first apply a base of Vaseline around the brow to avoid any staining. Then the tint is mixed and blended to the client’s color liking, and lightly painted on the brow, making sure every hair is coated, right down to the root. The mixture is left on one’s brows for around 5-10 minutes, depending on how dark the client wants the result to be. Then the tint is simply wiped off with a clean tissue.

Both the lash and brow tint are offered separately, but look best when paired together. This service eliminates the need for mascara and brow pencils/powder, allowing clients a shorter morning routine!