Bowie the Dog

BowieOur latest crew member has provided some of the best marketing collateral for the new location thus far. We might be using him a little bit, but we think he enjoys the lifestyle. All day he is constantly picked up and cuddled by beautiful women (and men!) who say he’s just the cutest. Who wouldn’t love that?

Mr. Bowie is the office mascot, who (while not trained) has served as a great therapy dog for many clients. Bowie enjoys short walks outside (in the arms of a human, that is), sniffing and chasing leaves, chewing things such as his harness and leash because he is a free soul, and also sleeping… all the time. You will often find Bowie (or not, he’s pretty small) sleeping behind the long body pillow on the blue couch in the Elle office. That is his most favorite spot. Much like a hedgehog, Bowie likes to burrow.

He is kind to all, great with kids, and above all, he smells incredibly good. All the time. If the top tier skincare services and the convenient office location aren’t reasons enough to come in, a puppy cuddle would be worth a 4th-floor visit. See? Marketing collateral. Elle welcomes Bowie, client entertainer extraordinaire.